Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blogging ... Or a Lack Thereof

I knew blogging wouldn't be easy. Putting your thoughts and feelings out there -- for the whole world to see. Will they judge you ... your thoughts and feelings? Your writing skills, your wit, your sanity (or lack thereof)? Will your ramblings be a waste of their time?

Because my mind goes a mile a minute, and I'm always multi-tasking, the one thing I never considered to be a roadblock in my blogging was thinking of something to write about. People who know me would agree: Susan never is at a loss for words! Except, it appears, when it comes to blogging. What do I write about??!!  What a conundrum.

If I were a young mother of several children ... what fodder for blogging that would be! If I were a worldly traveler ... what experiences I could share! If I had interesting hobbies ... If, if, if.

Write about that which you know. That is the advice of writing coaches, of those in the publishing world.

Hmmm ... what do I know?? I will think on that, and get back to ya. In the meantime, I suppose that today I'm blogging about not blogging.


Joyce said...

ha-I do that alot. Blog about nothing. I enjoy a couple of memes as they are called and maybe you would like to try one. Essentially they give you a word and you run with it...kinda like highschool English. But I've really loved someone giving me a starting point and then the thoughts seem to coagulate. I"m like you...too many thoughts in my head and how do I reign them in so that every post isn't completely random?

Check out the one word blog carnival...I suspect you would excel : ) This weeks word is faithfulness. They've recently been doing Fruits of the's a link to the last one which was can read some of the posts there and see how different they are...everyone gives it a different slant..they do one every other Tuesday. They have a fb page you can visit too.

Susan said...

aha! "memes"! Wondered what you meant when you used that in a blog post recently. Thanks for the tip. I will give it a try!